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New P-8 at Harmony Attendance Area

APS Forms Attendance Area Committee for New P-8 School

APS has formed a committee comprised of parents, staff and community members to make recommendations for the attendance area of the new P-8 school located in the Harmony subdivision along E. Ellsworth Ave. between Robertsdale St. and Trussville Rd. The construction of the new school will help alleviate crowding along the E-470 corridor and serve new students in the development area. The attendance area process will also include three other P-8 schools in east Aurora.

The committee goals include:

  • Make a recommendation to the Board of Education regarding the establishment of an attendance area for the new P-8 school by December 2019.
  • Assess the current attendance areas, enrollment trends and building capacities of the following schools:
    • Vista PEAK Exploratory P-8
    • Murphy Creek P-8
    • Aurora Frontier P-8
  • Recommend attendance area adjustments at existing schools if necessary.
  • Preserve a sense of community and neighborhood schools.
  • Minimize bus ride times and maximize efficient transportation services.

The committee will meet during the spring and fall of 2019 to analyze enrollment data and trends and develop feasible attendance area scenarios. Later in the fall, the committee will hold open houses to share the scenarios and gather feedback from parents, staff and community members.

Based on the data collected and community input, the committee will present recommendations to the APS Board of Education in December 2019. If the Board approves the recommendations, new boundaries would go into effect for the 2020-21 school year.