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Attendance Area Boundary Changes for Blueprint APS Regions 3 & 6


Latest News: APS Board Approves Attendance Area Changes for Regions 3 & 6

After careful consideration, the Aurora Public Schools Board of Education has approved new attendance areas for students attending Lyn Knoll and Century elementary schools, as well as fifth-grade students who would have attended South Middle School for the upcoming school year. These changes will be effective beginning in the 2021-22 school year. Click here to view the new school boundaries. The Board considered both elementary scenario options 1 and 2 for Region 3 and chose to approve option 1. The Board also approved middle school scenario option 1 for Region 3 and elementary scenario option B for Region 6. This decision will not result in any changes to school boundaries for this current school year.

More About the School Boundary Process

The APS Board of Education recently approved several proposed Blueprint APS changes to Regions 3 and 6, including closing both Lyn Knoll and Century elementary schools. These changes will require new attendance area boundaries for some elementary and middle schools within those regions. 

As part of the process for establishing attendance area boundaries for affected schools in regions 3 and 6, APS has formed two committees comprised of parents, staff and community members. These committees will assess the attendance areas and enrollment capacities in these regions and recommend attendance area boundary changes as needed at the following schools:

  • Century Elementary
  • Dartmouth Elementary
  • Iowa Elementary
  • Jewell Elementary
  • Lansing Elementary
  • Lyn Knoll Elementary
  • Sixth Avenue Elementary
  • Yale Elementary
  • Aurora Hills M.S.
  • North M.S.

APS held virtual community meetings to share the scenarios and gather feedback from parents, staff and community members. Based on the data collected and community input, district leadership and the boundary committees are recommending school boundary changes to the APS Board of Education for some schools in Regions 3 and 6.

The Board will likely vote on the recommended school boundary changes at its meeting on Tuesday, March 23 at 6 p.m.

If the Board approves the recommendations, new boundaries will go into effect for the 2021-22 school year