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Citizens Bond Oversight Committee

CBOC Meeting Schedule: June 2017-December 2021

Quarterly, Second Wednesday of the month.  Dinner will be provided.

5:30-7 p.m.

Educational Service Center 1, Support Services Conference Room
15701 E. First Avenue, Suite 206


  • 2017
    • 6/14, 9/13, 12/13
  • 2018
    • 3/14, 6/13, 9/12, 12/12
  • 2019
    • 3/13, 6/12, 9/11, 12/11
  • 2020
    • 3/11, 6/10, 9/9, 12/9
  • 2021
    • 3/10, 6/9, 9/15, 12/15

Download the CBOC Meeting Schedule

Charge for the Citizens Bond Oversight Committee

  • Overview: In 1996, the Citizens Bond Oversight Committee was established as a standing district committee. It is an independent stakeholder group that reviews and monitors the implementation of major bond projects approved by voters. The committee is comprised of a cross section of the community, a majority of whom reside within APS boundaries. The Chief Operating Officer serves as a liaison to the group. The committee meets quarterly during the five-year implementation of the bond.  

  • Charge: The committee will: 
    • Review the process to solicit, qualify and select general contractors and vendors for major projects.
    • Review financial statements for congruence between the identified bond projects and spending.
    • Review requests for major changes in the expenditure of funds (e.g., project budget increases in amounts greater than $50,000) and make recommendations to the BOE for/against such proposals.
    • Make recommendations to the BOE as to policies and procedures that will enhance accountability for bond dollars to district stakeholders.
    • Assist in maintaining public trust and confidence in the district through active involvement in bond project communications.
    • Report annual findings to the BOE each fall.
      Note: Although the committee will have no independent authority to obligate district funds, the committee’s recommendations are expected to hold credibility with and influence upon BOE bond related decisions.

  • Staff Cooperation: The committee is to be granted access to reports, construction sites and documents pertinent to their charge. Staff members and service providers shall also be made available to the committee upon request.

  • Duration of Charge: The committee will sunset following completion of all major bond projects, but no earlier than the expensing of 90 percent of all bond proceeds.

    In order to ensure continuity for this multiyear assignment and to respect the committee’s volunteer members, terms ranging from one to three years will be designated to committee members.  Future appointments to the committee will be made through the standard application process used by the district.

  • Staff Liaison:  The committee will work directly with the APS Chief Operating Officer, who will make necessary resources and staff available to the committee.

Citizens Bond Oversight Committee Members

Bob LeGare
Aurora City Council

John Dale
Retired APS Staff Member

Willie Jones
Community Member

Mark Jessop
Community Member

JulieMarie Shepherd Macklin
APS Board Member

Margee Cannon
City of Aurora

Marcos Stephens
Community Member

Mary Lewis
Community Member

Andrea Amonick
City of Aurora Development Services

Marian Eskridge
Community Member

Valerie Nesbitt
Community Member

Tom Cox
Buckley Liaison

Dick Huwa
President, RLH Engineering

MSgt. Pourshia Chambers-Motley
Buckley Liaison


Citizens Bond Oversight Committee - Staff Points of Contact

Amy Spatz
Construction Management

Brett Johnson
Chief Financial Officer

Kristin Britt
Assistant to Chief Operating Officer

Steve Clagg
Chief Information Officer

Bo Bacon
Director of Maintenance and Operations

Dianne Lewis

Gina Lanier


Anthony Sturges
Chief Operating Officer